• Marketing to US Latinos in a way that creates measurable results

  • 1st and 2nd generations both may be Latinos, but consume and live quite differently

  • Media campaigns to reach Latino consumers

  • Keynote Speeches, Panel Moderation and “Lunch N’ Learns”

  • Political Campaigns that want to target the Latino voter

  • Quality TV and Film production for all platforms

  • Spanish language media and Spanish language marketing is over saturated

  • 2nd generation and beyond Latino consumers need to be reached in English

  • Cognitive computing and data mining of US Latinos

  • Everyone is talking about the importance of the The New Mainstream US Latino audience

  • When the mouth is open with laughter, that’s the best time to insert food for thought, perfectly describes a Jeff Valdez keynote speech!

    Herb Scannell- Nickelodeon/BBC America
  • Part comedian, part marketer, part businessman, Jeff is impossible to put a label on. One thing for sure, he really knows the Latino market

    Mike Fernandez- Miller
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VPI is a consulting and production company that specializes in helping companies understand, target and speak with a Latino consumer. We are predominately focused on the English language US consumer, now known as “The New Mainstream.” We also deeply understand the Spanish language market. Most importantly we know how to navigate and balance the multi-faceted aspect of the entire Latino opportunity.
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